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Office Revolution and Teknion Sponsor Ronald McDonald House Charities

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Office Revolution Sponsors Ronald McDonald House Charities Event

By keeping families together and near the care they need, RMHC helps millions of families every year at the times they need it most. This is an endeavor that both Office Revolution and Teknion are incredibly honored to support.

This year, Office Revolution and Teknion were proud to sponsor and attend the RMHC Awards of Excellence Gala. This spectacular event celebrated medical and business professionals who have made outstanding contributions to improve the health and well being of children. “It was inspiring to hear first-hand how children and families around the globe have been positively impacted by the tireless efforts of RMHC,” said Scott Deugo, Teknion’s Chief Sales and Sustainability Officer.

 Office Revolution and Teknion Sponsor Ronald McDonald House Charities Event  Office Revolution and Teknion Sponsor Ronald McDonald House Charities Event

“As a mother, I really connect to their mission of keeping families together and near the care they need,” said Gretchen Donaldson, Chief Marketing Officer for Office Revolution. “I’m so proud to be supporting this great organization and we’re all looking forward to building our relationship with RMHC and McDonald’s,” said Donaldson.

Office Revolution and Teknion Sponsor Ronald McDonald House Charities Event

Teknion Expansion Cityline Desking System

Teknion Expansion Cityline: A Desking System That Mimics A Modern City

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Can your workplace mimic the openness and dynamic patterns of an urban landscape? What benefits would that provide? How would that even look? Can there be more than one answer? These are questions that Teknion asked themselves when creating their new desking system: Expansion Cityline.

Similar to a modern city where residents can work and play, Expansion Cityline offers a highly active setting that allows people to shift, collaborate, and also disband when looking to work independently and privately.

We’re looking at some of the common workspace challenges and how the unique features of Expansion Cityline address those dilemmas to create a work environment tailored to your space. When your space is set up to best meet your needs, it helps achieve increased productivity and happier employees.

Maximum Connectivity

Have you ever been sitting at your desk looking for the nearest power source and realized it’s a lot further away than you’d like? Expansion Cityline’s unique design creates a beam infrastructure that maximizes office connectivity. This serves as a structural spine and avenue for data and power, reaching work and social zones across the office. Gone are the days of worrying about power and data as we say hello to the days of maximum connectivity.

Teknion Expansion Cityline Desking System

Endless Customization

Does your office have a style or theme that represents your brand and work culture? Maybe it’s modern with varying shades of white, gray and black, or maybe it’s colorful and unique. Whatever the personality of your space, Expansion Cityline can reflect it because the customization options are nearly endless. It provides your space with not only functionality but the visual aesthetic you want.

Accessories include elevated and mounted screens with a choice of surfaces – felt, whiteboard and magnetic metal – to meet personal needs and preferences. Sit & Slide screens allow control of visual privacy. Expansion Cityline also offers storage trays, modular drawers, an elevated shelf with accessories. There is also a range of additional tools designed to adapt workspaces to specific tasks and maintain easy access to task lighting, mobile devices, mini whiteboards and other personal items.

Teknion Expansion Cityline Desking System height adjustable

A Sense of Community

Just like the form and landscape of a metropolitan area, Expansion Cityline offers a sense of community by creating an intriguing workspace while offering many different routes and options for you to choose. This allows you to create a space that’s the right fit for your environment. It encourages collaboration and communication, facilitates privacy and focus, all while inspiring creativity and increasing productivity.

Teknion Expansion Cityline Desking System

Q&A With Office Revolution’s Principal, Bernie Donaldson- Cubs Radio Sponsorship

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Bernie Donaldson Principal Office Revolution

With Office Revolution’s first sponsored Cubs On Deck Luncheon event coming up this Wednesday, June 7th, we sat down with Principal Owner, Bernie Donaldson to discuss the 2017 MLB season for the Cubs, the Cubs Radio Sponsorship with 670 The Score, and more.


  1. How long have you been a Cubs fan?
    • Since my first visit to Wrigley Field in 1984. And I’ve been a season ticket holder for 20 years.
  2. What is your first Cubs memory?
    • Seeing Harry Caray and all the classic Cubs personalities on that first visit in 1984.
  3. What are you most excited for this season?
    • When any organization reaches the pinnacle of performance, I always love to see what they do next. So I’m most excited to see the Cubs build on their success as World Series Champions.
  4. What made you want to sponsor the Cubs On Deck Luncheon Series?
    • It was really just a natural extension of the work we’ve already done with them. We were lucky enough to meet the Ricketts family and senior officials. They and the entire franchise have a lot of integrity so we wanted to expand our activities to include Cubs Radio and the Cubs On Deck series.
  5. What does the Cubs On Deck sponsorship mean to you as a Cubs fan and a business owner?
    • As a business owner I always love working with organizations I feel good about. Being able to combine my personal passion for baseball with a business partnership with an incredible organization that I highly respect…it’s just perfect.

Tune into Cubs Radio at 670 The Score to catch pregame, in-game, and post-game coverage of Chicago Cubs baseball, and don’t miss the first Cubs On Deck Luncheon this Wednesday, June 7th, at Del Frisco’s Double Eagle Steak House! For more details, click here. Go Cubs Go!

5 Health Benefits of Height Adjustable Desks

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Standing Desk, Teknion, Sit to stand

What does your team want?

Employees want a work environment that supports the way they like to live in the rest of their life. For many people, that means a healthier office. Gym memberships, in-office yoga and massage, healthier food options and ergonomic furniture are some of the most commonly requested employee amenities. Some of these are easily achievable, while some may stretch your wallet thin. Thinking about taking the ergonomic furniture route? Take a look at some of the benefits waiting for you and your team by installing height adjustable desks.

Find that perfect balance…literally.

No one wants to sit around all day, but standing all day can lead to just as many problems as sitting if you aren’t keeping your posture in mind. Studies suggest that for every half hour of work, shoot for sitting for 20 of those minutes, standing for 8, and moving around for 2. While you’re standing, your muscles are at work and although you may not feel like you’re burning extra calories, by the end of the day you’ll feel the difference compared to if you were sitting at your desk all day.

Not only are you using the muscles in your lower body, but standing with good posture while working can have an impact on your abdominal muscles as well. So, how much of an impact can it make? Standing for an afternoon has been shown to burn 170 more calories than an equal amount of sitting. Over time, this difference can have a major effect on your weightenergy levels, and overall mood.

What to expect…

Nothing’s ever a guarantee, but here are some common benefits that come with height adjustable desks if your team is able to find that balance of sitting and standing throughout the day:

  • Lowered risk of weight gain/obesity
  • Lowered blood sugar levels
  • Reduced back pain
  • Improved mood and energy levels
  • Boosted productivity

The bottom line…

Reducing your sitting time can improve your physical, metabolic, and mental health. Now that you’ve discovered the benefits of height adjustable desks, you can take a look at our favorite models right here. If your office doesn’t have (or isn’t considering) height adjustable desks, get your standing time in by taking periodic breaks when you’re able to and go for a walk, do some stretches at your desk, or start an impromptu office dance party. Don’t forget to have fun while you work.





Office Revolution’s Jim Hornof Jams at 2017 REACH Social Event for City of Hope Foundation

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It was a night filled with great people, delicious food, and rock and roll as bands took to the stage to support the City of Hope Foundation. City of Hope is a world leader in the research and treatment of cancer, diabetes, and other serious diseases. Every year, City of Hope conducts clinical trials enrolling more than 6,000 patients. They translate breakthrough laboratory findings into real, lifesaving treatments and cures, and manufacture them at three, on-campus facilities.

Last night, the event raised over $350,000 to help continue their research and treatment for these serious, life-threatening diseases. Office Revolution’s Jim Hornof performed with his band Spakl, as they had the crowd dancing and singing the whole time to some classic tunes. This is one of our favorite events every single year, and we’re very proud to be a part of it and help give back to a foundation that is making such a strong impact around the world.

Jim Hornof, Spakl, City of Hope, REACH SOCIAL