Our Company

Our company is a collection of talented and dedicated professionals committed to elevating the experience of end users, project managers, and the architecture and design community with unwavering service and commitment to the world in which we work.

End-to-End Services

Every work environment and its project parameters are different. We believe in crafting the right, individualized solution by offering end-to-end services for the complete office furniture lifecycle.

  • Workplace Assessment and Consultation
  • Furniture Recommendations
  • Design and Planning Assistance
  • Project Management
  • Installation Services
  • Post-Occupancy follow-through
  • Relocation , Refinishing and Removal of existing furniture

Our Responsibility

We take corporate social responsibility seriously and we use and choose our resources accordingly. We give back to the community through the support of non-profits. We align ourselves with environmentally responsible manufacturers like Teknion. And we incorporate sustainable services and products from our sister company, Rework. It’s through these actions that we are able to bring corporate social responsibility to Office Revolution and the clients we serve.


Environmental Sustainability

Office Revolution has always been committed to minimizing our business’ impact on the environment through some key principles:

  • We encourage our clients to order furniture from companies practicing sustainable manufacturing processes.
  • We request full truckloads of furniture to ship “blanket wrapped” or with “minimal cartoning.”
  • We require installers to recycle all recyclable packing materials.
  • We maximize electronic communication in order to minimize our carbon footprint: 100% of invoices, 75% of drawings and proposals, and 100% of Teknion orders are sent electronically.
  • We encourage and fund Divvy Bikes memberships for all employees.

Now our commitment has expanded even further with our sister company, Rework by ROE. Rework is truly built on sustainable practices. With full-service decommissioning, recycling and refurbishing, Rework has helped thousands of clients achieve their sustainability goals by diverting excess furniture waste from landfill.



Community Support

Office Revolution is proud to support non-profits with products, financial contributions and the time and efforts of our team. The organizations we support span a wide variety of causes, including Education, Medical Research, Disabled Citizens, and bettering the lives of Children and Teens in need.