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How Does Office Space Impact Productivity? – Q&A With Office Revolution’s Mattei Britten

Mattei Britten Q&A Office Space Productivity

Mattei Britten- Project Manager & Designer

Typically, the first thing that you notice when you walk into an office is the amount of space it takes up. It may even be subconscious, but you become aware of the amount of physical space. It’s easy to trick yourself into thinking a space is enormous, or even tiny, and that has a lot to do with the furniture.

Open layouts that tend to encourage collaboration, movement, and casual meetings tend to give off a more relaxed vibe, while spaces that still use cubicles or even older workstations will often feel cramped and can even create anxiety. Every space has pros and cons. However, the topic we’re focusing on today is productivity. Mattei Britten, Project Manager & Designer at Office Revolution, lends her thoughts as to how office spaces impact productivity and how it can affect workplace relations.


What qualities/characteristics of an office space cause it to encourage and promote productivity and creativity?

An open office encourages employees to get up and move around. This leads to a higher likelihood of impromptu meetings, which can generate conversations that result in creative solutions. All of the smaller meeting spaces, common areas, and break out spaces encourage collaboration. The more heads you put together the better/more creative the solution.


How do older, closed-style offices compare to the new open concept offices in terms of productivity?

Older style offices seemed to encourage heads down work, sitting in a cubicle all day. You had to be at your desk in order to get your work done. In today’s offices, there are so many more opportunities to work not only at your desk but from almost anywhere. Work seems like less of a chore when you can answer emails from a building lobby, or rooftop, and is actually resulting in employees working MORE than in the older style office.


How can an office space encourage/discourage employee relations?

If you’re in an office where everyone sits in their own cubicle, and/or private office, you aren’t as inclined to collaborate because the environment itself feels more restrictive. In an open office, there is more of a sense of “we’re all in this together,” and that feeling, to me, sparks friendships and creates a camaraderie among co-workers. This tends to lead to a higher morale and overall happier vibes in the office. 


What type of space do you find to be most productive?

I personally get the most done when it’s quiet, but with a bit of background noise. 


Is there a solution you really enjoy for providing both a collaborative space, but at the same time offering employees a place to work independently?

I think that booth or high back lounge seating gives you the best of both worlds. If you need to move from your desk to focus, this is a type of furniture that can offer privacy. Simultaneously, if you need to have a quick meeting, it is more informal than reserving a conference room and offers up a space for quick collaboration.


Are there certain office products you really like that help increase productivity?

Of all the products out there, a height adjustable desk is probably my favorite. We (as humans) aren’t meant to sit in one position all day. A sit-to-stand desk allows me to feel more alert throughout the day without resorting to that 3pm cup of coffee.  


Ergonomics In The Workplace – Q&A With Office Revolution’s Ken Ayers

Ken Ayers Office Revolution Q&A Ergonomic Products

Ergonomic products in the office are not just a trend. They are making work environments healthier, increasing productivity and efficiency, and raising happiness levels in employees. Ken Ayers, Corporate Account Manager at Office Revolution, shares his experiences and thoughts about ergonomic products in the workplace and how they can have a positive impact on your work culture.


Why are ergonomic products important to you?

Proper ergonomic support is critical for an individual’s health and comfort.  Working long term in improper positions can cause long-term health issues. I think it’s great that employers have been realizing this lately and are incorporating these products into their own spaces.


How do you think ergonomic products impact employee health?

As I have aged and experienced changes in my body and vision, I have recognized the importance of adjustability to comfortably and safely work for long periods of time without short-term discomfort, and long-term injury. Products and tools that help promote a healthy office environment can make a big difference in the office and even increase overall office morale.


What are some simple everyday things people can do to be healthier at the office?

I would highly recommend standing for periods of time throughout the day. Changing positions every 30 – 45 minutes when possible keeps me more engaged. In addition to changing positions frequently, I also take the time to walk and stretch throughout the day.


After using ergonomic products, how hard do you find it to go back to a product that doesn’t offer the same features and health benefits?

When working out of the office or at my home office, I miss the comfort and efficiency of having dual monitor arms. My sit-to-stand desk is something I take advantage of daily. It allows me to quickly change positions, which helps increase blood flow. I would also find it very difficult to work without monitor and keyboard adjustability.


What is your favorite ergonomic product and why?

My sit-to-stand desk offering me the opportunity to change my work position throughout the day. I use it daily, and it greatly increases my productivity.


5 Health Benefits of Height Adjustable Desks

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Standing Desk, Teknion, Sit to stand

What does your team want?

Employees want a work environment that supports the way they like to live in the rest of their life. For many people, that means a healthier office. Gym memberships, in-office yoga and massage, healthier food options and ergonomic furniture are some of the most commonly requested employee amenities. Some of these are easily achievable, while some may stretch your wallet thin. Thinking about taking the ergonomic furniture route? Take a look at some of the benefits waiting for you and your team by installing height adjustable desks.

Find that perfect balance…literally.

No one wants to sit around all day, but standing all day can lead to just as many problems as sitting if you aren’t keeping your posture in mind. Studies suggest that for every half hour of work, shoot for sitting for 20 of those minutes, standing for 8, and moving around for 2. While you’re standing, your muscles are at work and although you may not feel like you’re burning extra calories, by the end of the day you’ll feel the difference compared to if you were sitting at your desk all day.

Not only are you using the muscles in your lower body, but standing with good posture while working can have an impact on your abdominal muscles as well. So, how much of an impact can it make? Standing for an afternoon has been shown to burn 170 more calories than an equal amount of sitting. Over time, this difference can have a major effect on your weightenergy levels, and overall mood.

What to expect…

Nothing’s ever a guarantee, but here are some common benefits that come with height adjustable desks if your team is able to find that balance of sitting and standing throughout the day:

  • Lowered risk of weight gain/obesity
  • Lowered blood sugar levels
  • Reduced back pain
  • Improved mood and energy levels
  • Boosted productivity

The bottom line…

Reducing your sitting time can improve your physical, metabolic, and mental health. Now that you’ve discovered the benefits of height adjustable desks, you can take a look at our favorite models right here. If your office doesn’t have (or isn’t considering) height adjustable desks, get your standing time in by taking periodic breaks when you’re able to and go for a walk, do some stretches at your desk, or start an impromptu office dance party. Don’t forget to have fun while you work.