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Ergonomics In The Workplace – Q&A With Office Revolution’s Ken Ayers

Ken Ayers Office Revolution Q&A Ergonomic Products

Ergonomic products in the office are not just a trend. They are making work environments healthier, increasing productivity and efficiency, and raising happiness levels in employees. Ken Ayers, Corporate Account Manager at Office Revolution, shares his experiences and thoughts about ergonomic products in the workplace and how they can have a positive impact on your work culture.


Why are ergonomic products important to you?

Proper ergonomic support is critical for an individual’s health and comfort.  Working long term in improper positions can cause long-term health issues. I think it’s great that employers have been realizing this lately and are incorporating these products into their own spaces.


How do you think ergonomic products impact employee health?

As I have aged and experienced changes in my body and vision, I have recognized the importance of adjustability to comfortably and safely work for long periods of time without short-term discomfort, and long-term injury. Products and tools that help promote a healthy office environment can make a big difference in the office and even increase overall office morale.


What are some simple everyday things people can do to be healthier at the office?

I would highly recommend standing for periods of time throughout the day. Changing positions every 30 – 45 minutes when possible keeps me more engaged. In addition to changing positions frequently, I also take the time to walk and stretch throughout the day.


After using ergonomic products, how hard do you find it to go back to a product that doesn’t offer the same features and health benefits?

When working out of the office or at my home office, I miss the comfort and efficiency of having dual monitor arms. My sit-to-stand desk is something I take advantage of daily. It allows me to quickly change positions, which helps increase blood flow. I would also find it very difficult to work without monitor and keyboard adjustability.


What is your favorite ergonomic product and why?

My sit-to-stand desk offering me the opportunity to change my work position throughout the day. I use it daily, and it greatly increases my productivity.


Teknion Expansion Cityline Desking System

Teknion Expansion Cityline: A Desking System That Mimics A Modern City

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Can your workplace mimic the openness and dynamic patterns of an urban landscape? What benefits would that provide? How would that even look? Can there be more than one answer? These are questions that Teknion asked themselves when creating their new desking system: Expansion Cityline.

Similar to a modern city where residents can work and play, Expansion Cityline offers a highly active setting that allows people to shift, collaborate, and also disband when looking to work independently and privately.

We’re looking at some of the common workspace challenges and how the unique features of Expansion Cityline address those dilemmas to create a work environment tailored to your space. When your space is set up to best meet your needs, it helps achieve increased productivity and happier employees.

Maximum Connectivity

Have you ever been sitting at your desk looking for the nearest power source and realized it’s a lot further away than you’d like? Expansion Cityline’s unique design creates a beam infrastructure that maximizes office connectivity. This serves as a structural spine and avenue for data and power, reaching work and social zones across the office. Gone are the days of worrying about power and data as we say hello to the days of maximum connectivity.

Teknion Expansion Cityline Desking System

Endless Customization

Does your office have a style or theme that represents your brand and work culture? Maybe it’s modern with varying shades of white, gray and black, or maybe it’s colorful and unique. Whatever the personality of your space, Expansion Cityline can reflect it because the customization options are nearly endless. It provides your space with not only functionality but the visual aesthetic you want.

Accessories include elevated and mounted screens with a choice of surfaces – felt, whiteboard and magnetic metal – to meet personal needs and preferences. Sit & Slide screens allow control of visual privacy. Expansion Cityline also offers storage trays, modular drawers, an elevated shelf with accessories. There is also a range of additional tools designed to adapt workspaces to specific tasks and maintain easy access to task lighting, mobile devices, mini whiteboards and other personal items.

Teknion Expansion Cityline Desking System height adjustable

A Sense of Community

Just like the form and landscape of a metropolitan area, Expansion Cityline offers a sense of community by creating an intriguing workspace while offering many different routes and options for you to choose. This allows you to create a space that’s the right fit for your environment. It encourages collaboration and communication, facilitates privacy and focus, all while inspiring creativity and increasing productivity.

Teknion Expansion Cityline Desking System